Liberty on the Rocks Affiliates are companies that are working to advance human freedom. These are companies we believe in and have formed partnerships, but if these companies lose site of that goal, they will be removed from our affiliate list. The companies we recommend are companies that we either use, or know personally.

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Start9 is one of our favorite companies. Local to Denver, Start9 offers home personal servers with their own Operating system, that makes it easy for you to own and host your data out of a physical server that you own. Offers an app store with multiple applications that include Bitcoin and Monero full nodes, Matrix and SimpleX messaging, Vaultwarden for password management, Nextcloud, NOSTR Relays and much more.

David Croisant of Start9 speaking on Open source at Denver Liberty on the Rocks

CEO of Start9 Matt hill came by Denver LOTR to talk about his new company

Federated.Computer is another Denver based company offering Open Source as a service. Sometimes physically hosting servers just isn't viable. In those cases cloud hosting can be a necessary option. But most cloud hosting come from tech giants like AWS or Google Cloud who sell your data and will censor you if you have the wrong politics. Federated.Computer offers you cheap, easy open source options to get many of the benefits of Big Tech without compromising your privacy. Check our our affiliate link here:

David Young CEO of Federated.Computer Speaks at Liberty on the Rocks Denver

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The Chad of energy bars run by a based bitcoin business. High quality grass fed meat bars, with only butter, tallow and fruit. AUPA gives 5% discounts for anyone purchasing in Bitcoin or Monero. Stack this with code "Liberty" for 10% off some of the best meat bars around.