Start your own Chapter!

Come join us in building liberty! If there are no liberty meetups, or only political meetups near you, then it is time you build you own.  If you can't find your tribe, build it!

Why create a chapter with us? First and foremost - community.  A community of organizers and individuals in different stages of running an event for people like us. Liberty on the Rocks is an established name that's been around for over a decade, it lends more credibility than just starting a random group.

We can also offer:

  1. A libertyontherocks domain email (gmail) address for your chapter.
  2. A landing page for all your links. See our Chapters page to see our other chapters.
  3. LOTR merch that you can buy at cost for your chapter.
  4. Tips and tricks for running your own chapter. As well as a community of organizers to go to for questions with our private telegram group.
  5. We soon hope to cover the costs for a meetup subscription for each chapter.

Requirements for creating your own chapter:

  1. Organizers must be libertarian. We are not talking about your political party.  This question is about your values.  This is not a conservative or liberal club.  Not sure? Reach out and let's see where our values align.
  2. No endorsements of political parties, candidates or legislation. This is important as it can jeopardize our 501c3 tax status. This doesn't mean you cant discuss or criticize them, but you cannot endorse them.
  3. That's it!

Once you reach out to us we will have a quick conversation with you all to make sure we're on the same page, and then we'll send you our welcome document and you can get started!